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The best thing I found is the sheer amount of playgroups that go on through the week. While my wife was on maternity leave she could take the little one to multiple playgroups every day of the week. Our friends that moved away say that this is the thing they miss the most since moving.. […]

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What makes hardcore good is that it adds depth to the game that otherwise just isn there. It a mix of risk management, contingencies and adrenaline rushes that otherwise would be nonexistent. Like playing poker but no one brought any chips or money dog dildo, or playing CS:GO but only playing deathmatch. male sex toys […]

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The thing that really mashes my yams on all of this is that we had people here trying to downplay the act because xxx was 16 in the video. I get that the demographic here is young shoulder-bags, I’m 25 but that’s old for hhh, but you guys have to remember that just because you’re […]

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I trust his opinion, too, which is another major reason I was totally okay making a perceived “reach” at 33.2.40 Lorenzo Carter, EDGE, GeorgiaI went with the best available EDGE who’d fit in a 3 4 base scheme. I also liked Carter’s potential to play a little off ball LB, since we are going to […]